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What is М-А-С-S?

The first school of advanced communications in Russia.

An educational project aimed at preparing qualified specialists in all spheres of communications industry: from event marketing till digital transformation.

MACS is part of the first in Russia creative industries university – the Universal University.

Goal: education and training for communications industry specialists of a new generation

Misson: increasing the professional level and quality of Russian communications industry

M-A-C-S facts

  • Doors Open Day
    May 19th, September 8th 2018
  • Term start
    October 1st 2018
  • 5 faculties
    for creative professions
  • 36
    educational programs
  • More than 100 teachers
    successful Russian and foreign practitioners
  • More than 700 certified
    communications industry specialists in 2018/19
  • The most high-capacity resource base
    among all communication schools of the CIS

Why M-A-C-S?

Academic staff expertise
Learn from the best practitioners of the industry
Industry exposure
Bild your portfolio while studying
Academic quality
Bild your portfolio while studying
Professional degree certificate
Prove that you are a prof
International expertise
Be the first to get to know world trends

M-A-C-S Faculties

Professional training for certified specialists in brand development and promotion in digital media environment
In the era of global digital transformation digital communications become one of the most important spheres with ever-spiraling demand for competent graduates. Digital Communications graduates gain structured knowledge, the latest skills, project portfolio and experience of an original festival case.
Professional training of certified top-specialists for efficient building and protecting corporate brand reputation.
Corporate communications are the base of company image, foundation for business development and success. In these branches high professionalism, structured knowledge, innovative tools mastery and competence in communicating with all types of target groups are of special importance.
Professional training of certified top-specialists with skills in special events and integrated campaigns including own projects.
Event marketing is one of the most sought after fields of communications industry. Increase of events share in marketing mix globally and active development dynamics create high demand on new-style professionals, those who have not only practical experience of organizing events, but also structured knowledge of management, high personal efficiency, teamwork skills, as well as skills of goal-setting and producing events of all formats including own projects.
The main aim of the faculty is providing actual tasks and progressive tools for efficient production and promotion of special events.
Professional training for certified specialists in employer’s brand building, promoting, reinforcement and corporate culture creating.
Modern companies do not esteem employees from the perspective of HR strategy only. Strategy, external and internal communications departments come together to solve a common task — to make external clients loyal through staff involvement. Internal communicators give place to employer brand development, a position that combines the functions of a strategist, a brand manager, an internal communicator and a marketing expert. The key goal of the faculty is to bring up a new generation of communicators capable of reinforcing the meaning of the employer’s brand position in business development and expansion.
Professional training for certified specialists in supporting digital transformation of any business type
Digital transformation is the smartest way to behave for organizations under the circumstances of revolutionary changes caused by the influence of modern disruptive technologies. Unparalleled depth of these changes gives new opportunities and generates the critical task of providing digital transformation with competences of a conceptually new type. The graduates of this faculty are the most wanted specialists in the postindustrial 4.0 period and digital economy.


Main education formats at M-A-C-S:

Long-term programs (1 academic year)
On graduation: supplementary professional degree certificate

PRO intensive course (3-5 months)
On graduation: supplementary professional degree certificate*

Express (4 to 6 days)
On graduation: certificate

Welcome to #macsfamily

Communications industry is one of the most thriving in today’s world, and it’s meaning for the development of every business is constantly growing. Integrated reality doesn’t accept one-dimensional contractors with a copy-book set of skills, quite often gained in a chaotic way, in a hit-or-miss process. The world made a bid on creative professions, fundamental relevant knowledge and practical skills. MACS students are the people destined to shape the Russian communications industry of the new time: structured, deliberate, efficient. 

Moscow Advanced Communications School (MACS) is based on the principles of applied education and high quality standards of the creative industries education at the Universal University. With the foundation of 15 years of experience on the field of actual education, deep knowledge of the communications industry, expertise of the leading practitioners and academic quality of the programs we provide to our students the best tools to achieve professional success in the digital era.

Who are we expecting to become our students? Ambitious, progressive, free of biased thinking, structure-oriented, looking for a fundamental base and a light, adaptive construction. MACS graduates get the most desired jobs. MACS means expertise guaranty in future professions, personal practical experience and industry exposure from the first day of education.

The most efficient investment is investment in one’s own development. It is time to act. Tomorrow could be late. Tomorrow your place could be taken by an MACS graduate.

Nadia Makova,
Director of Moscow Advanced Communications School